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  About Our Site

Traffic Officers began patrolling their motorways all the way back in 2004 and ever since then have needed a stable place on the internet to "sound off."

As more and more Traffic Officers became appointed by the Highways Agency since then, gradually attempts were made to fill this need. National Traffic is not the first website set up to do this and will obviously not be the last either but we hope to offer a civilised platform, a location that Traffic Officers and their associate "chums" can come to chew over "issues of the day."

We have seen Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Police join National Traffic in order to put their points of view over to our core Traffic Officer brethren. Please have a trawl through some of our topics, they do go back a long long way of course. Since the start of 2007 Guinness Man and falkor have been at the top of National Traffic, answering queries, provoking discussions, instigating quizzes.

Guinness Man
  Joined NT: January 2007
Expertise: Motorways
Interest: Driving Licence Requalification
Guinness Man has good general knowledge, worked as an engineer and manager in the chemical industry and since 2005 a traffic officer for the HA
Interests: All things family, he also enjoys travelling both at home and abroad, enjoys walking, photography and wild life.
  Joined NT: September 2006
Expertise: Law enforcement
Interest: phpBB forums
Falkor passed "A" Level Computer Science a very long time ago and attended Merton Tech when 2 banks of 4K memory was pretty impressive!
Interests: Bankers and how we should be proud of them in this country today amongst a couple of other things.

National Traffic is here for all Highways Agency Traffic Officers who wish to discuss day to day "motorway issues" and of course the opportunity to chat with any other Emergency Services personnel is always a highlight of our proceedings.

We particularly would welcome new Traffic Officers or even old Traffic Officers who simply have only just "found" us. In fact that is a point that could be made here, many Traffic Officers are surprisingly oblivious to National Traffic simply because nobody has told them that we are here. So do please "pass the word" and we do have a great POSTER that you can print out to help you do that.

The site is primarily a "forums set up," where people can come along, register with a friendly "John Smith" username and then begin joining in with our topics as soon as they like.

You can join existing topics, or even start your own topic by pressing "NEW TOPIC" this is perfectly acceptable.