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this "Subscribers" page was added to the site in 2007 and is now quite an ancient relic, we believed then that any payment in to the site can only be made as a 'donation' to the site. However the pay pal "system" is still live and the effect of your payment is still treated just the same now as it was then, with great thanks and appreciation

TheWandererAdded 2007
Here at the National Society for the Prevention of Censorship of Traffic Officers (the NSPCTO), we believe that Traffic Officers need somewhere to air their views without fear of reprisals. Every year, many Traffic Officers are silenced through cruelty and intimidation at the hands of their OM's. This must stop. Full Stop.

"Tony" was a Traffic Officer and he was called into the office and questioned about whether he was a member of National Traffic. This Censorship must stop. Full Stop.

Please donate to the NSPCTO (c/o Falkor at NT). Your 10 a year will give you somewhere to ensure that all Traffic Officers have somewhere safe to air their views and helping to build a much stronger community of Traffic Officers. In return, we will give you access to even more secure areas of the site, free from guests and spammers, where you will be able to exchange ideas more freely with these poor Traffic Officers.

Please give just 10 a year. Censorship must stop. Full Stop.

Thank you for coming to the subscribers page on nationalTraffic!

nationalTraffic is obviously grateful for any donations received and you can be assured, that all funds paid, will be used only to pay the bills that we need to pay, to keep the site running at the cutting edge of the kind of communication, that you and I both love!

Not long after nationalTraffic launched, (a few months down the line) several bandwidth warnings were issued to the site, as we were within 20% of exceeding the bandwith limit. I was SHOCKED! I just could not believe the emails that I was getting. And yet this happened on several occasions, until a new dimension in bandwidth had to be negotiated for us.

Without ready funds, the site would have faced outtages or simple closure! Now, members were never informed of this because there is really nothing worse than members being badgered for revenue and I have seen this up close on another emergency site. It's doesn't feel good.

So what's the answer?

Added 2007
There is no such thing as a free lunch!! Or is there? I've been a member on national traffic since pretty much the beginning and I have seen it grow at an amazing pace and within months be full of lively discussions and jokes. It's a good place to be. Whether you are a HATO or an 'interested outsider' it is well worth a visit. Certainly in my time here I have learnt more about the motorway workings than I have with 4 years working for the ambulance service, based only a mile or so off a busy stretch of the motorway!!

So what is 10? As flash says not a lot. An hour or so's wage, taking a proper pack up to work for your lunch rather than visiting the burger vans... You get the idea. A lot of time and effort (and money!) goes into the site 'behind the scenes' and to me this is a way to firstly say thanks and ensure the future of this site, and also to learn a bit more about the ins and outs of the site management (and also the sites pet goat.....)

No one is going to beg or nag at you for a contribution, no one is going to think any less of you if you choose not to contribute, after all a site is nothing without posting members, but then again, posting members are nothing without a functioning site to post on!!!


Ok then, so what is the answer?

The answer is to activate a more subtle system, but more on that should you decide that you wish to donate 10 to us, which is both the minimum and maximum amount allowed per 12 month period.


Yes! There are actually CONDITIONS applicable that operate on your donation, how amazing, well check them out anyway!

If you agree with all the above conditions above then please assist the site by clicking the pay pal icon to the right and paying in 10 right now!
Guinness ManAdded 2007
Life is about give and take, we all tend to take a lot more than we give. 10 is not a lot these days, so miss a couple of breakfasts on your next earlies this has a number of advantages and lay the money down to the cause.


Guinness Man

cone dropperAdded 2007
I paid the voluntary donation as I am a great fan of the site and value the facility. I am proud to be a HATO and like to get involved with all aspects of the role, including talking to members all over the country to realise that the issues that effect me everyday, effect you all as well!

Keep up the good work, 10 is not alot for this excellent facility and I hope this money is useful in its upkeep.

FlashAdded 2007
I have thought for a long time now that this site must be costing Falkor his hard earned money to keep up and running and lets be honest it is the members who are getting the most out of it since Flakor is not actually a HATO!! When any of us have asked Falkor about this, all we get in reply is a slightly embarrassed "no thank you its really its honstly fine"! So when the offer of becoming a paid up member for a tenner, a few things came to mind!
  • I have used this forum probably more than most to air my views and enjoy the time I spend here free of charge, so it is only fair I cough up this small amount of cash to help keep the site up and running!! Not even the smallest of a problem in my opinion!
  • What is a tenner these days? an extra round at the bar when you have probably had enough anyway! A quick valet for the car when it would take less time to get the bucket out of the garage and wash it by hand......and make a better job of it! Part of 'another' pair of shoes for the Mrs to wear once and then stick in the back of the cupboard! So on the whole a tenner is not alot to miss these days.
  • If I as an elite member cant be bothered to do my bit to help keep the site running then why should Falkor?? If I can do a little bit to help out then I am more than happy to do so!!
  • What on earth will I be privvy to by getting access to 'The Templar Vault'? That alone has to be worth a tenner of anyones money!!
  • By offering this tenner, its a very small thank you from me to Falkor for setting up and keeping this great site up and running!!

Thank you Falkor

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