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Published on 8 Mar 2012 BBC East Midlands Today programme looks at the work of the Highways Agency Traffic Officers in the East Midlands. Broadcast on 23rd and 24th January 2012.

Uploaded on 17 Sep 2009 Channel M's James Webster spends an afternoon on patrol with the Highways Agency traffic officers keeping Greater Manchester on the move

National Traffic



2008 Uploaded on 21 Jun 2008 Demonstration from the highways agency presented at the Derby Fire & Rescue show in Markeaton Park 2008

Uploaded on 14 Apr 2011 Highways Agency Traffic Officer HATO Land Rover Walk Around

Published on 8 Mar 2012 ITV Central News looks at the work of the Highways Agency Traffic Officers in the East Midlands region. Broadcast early 2008.

2008 general description of what T.Os do

Uploaded on 8 Nov 2007 A film from the Highways Agency conmtaining advice on the two second rule and avoiding tailgating and collisions

2008 1st Grimsbury Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts learnt about being safe on a car journey and the motorway with a visit from two Highways Agency Traffic Officers

Uploaded on 27 Sep 2008 Swedish Twin charged with murder Sabina Eriksson, one of the Swedish twins who ran across a British

Uploaded on 29 Mar 2010 To give you a flavour of the work we do, we asked people who are currently doing the job to tell you what it is like - in their own words

Published on 28 Aug 2012 Highway Agency Traffic Officer GTA 4 Mods Land Rover Discovery 4 Toyota Land Cruiser