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Jock and Redders it`s not all about how long the service has been running, hobby HATO`s , legal protection, and pay. It kicked off big time at our O/S the resident bully supervisor started because things were not going his way and he thought he would take it out on his team effin and jeffin etc One of the team took exception to this and amongst other things contacted his union rep and John Higgins. Higgins and the rep were brilliant straight in and right up the chain within the HA,we as TO`s could not do this as quickly and robustly as the union suffice to say things were sorted within two days. Should the supervisor try this again every thing is noted. Perhaps Prospect are not taking us for granted after all the negative feedback they have had from the TO Service members.
I am more than happy to pay 7.00 a month, the service my colleague received was excellent well done John Higgins
The Vicar

14 Oct 2007 03:20 pm


14 Oct 2007
07:05 pm

It may be of interest .................

I hear that Prospect represented a member of staff who was "sacked" at a recent hearing.

They won the case and it was found the person was unfairly dismissed.

No more details I'm afraid

Join a union any union BUT if you do.... BLOODY WELL SUPPORT IT and stop moaning.

Prospect are excellent at supporting members who find themselves on the wrong end of disciplinary issues and also where bullying or harassment is alleged. They have also done a lot behind the scenes to improve our lot over the past 3 years, just it hasn't been advertised widely. They have had difficulties understanding the new service and dealing with the scattered locations, but this is improving. I was interested to read that some TOs are considering transferring to PCS, because I'm aware of operators who have moved or are considering moving to Prospect! Haywain

14 Oct 2007 10:51 pm


select to view Northern_Lad's profile I am a serving Traffic Officer and would like to outline why I think a union is important to all on road staff. I am not a union rep or even 'activist', and whilst Prospect may not be the strongest of unions, it is currently the recognised union for On Road staff.

Why do we need a union ?

Reasons for
  1. As small shift units, in scattered outstations, in different regions, we need a voice which will coordinate feelings and opinions and present that at national level. Whether pay, shifts, health and safety or working conditions, these are all national issues dealt with by the HA at national level, and without a union we would have only the remotest input into things which affect our eveyday working life.
  2. We need a mechanism for taking issues forward at national level. Some things are too important to follow the supervisor/ OM/ Nom/ National route. Sending issues up the chain and waiting for them to come down again can take months.
  3. As individuals, we may need advice and support in employment matters. The huge variety of situations we find ourselves in, and the multitude of different people we come across, offers more potential than most occupations for things to go wrong. Having experienced and knowledgable advisors available is reassuring.
  4. There are a number of non employment related areas where the union can offer help and guidance (eg. careers, finance, legal) and even some special discounts available for members.
  5. I guess most of us only think of unions when things are not going right, but surely that is the time when we most need that support.

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  1. Cost 1.77 per week.
  2. ?????????????????

Northern Lad

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Members at the Highway Agency are to discuss possible industrial action after management imposed a pay offer that was rejected by 615 to 105. Members at the Met Office rejected their offer by 608 to 179.

Responding to the results, Prospect Assistant General Secretary Dai Hudd said they were indicative of the growing sense of injustice felt by the union's 40,000 specialist members right across the public sector.

"These results underscore the message we are hearing repeatedly from our members in a wide spectrum of government departments, agencies and non-departmental public bodies.

"But these are only the tip of the iceberg. The draconian 2% cap imposed by the Treasury and a host of delayed offers mean that less than one quarter of civil service pay bargaining units have even received an offer for 2006.

"This is against a backdrop of repeated proposals for contracting out, privatising and relocating public sector posts, often implemented with no workforce consultation