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Re: Swedish Fruit cakes

Post by LANDSHARK » Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:33 pm

Chocolate boy wrote:Funny isn't it, whenever people want to slag hato's off they do yet when you make one little comment about what a cop did everyone says how well they did. How long did the female cop tickle her for before being punched??
Landshark wrote:They initially had to tread that fine line between this is a casualty of a RTC, however shes attacking me, what the feck do i do!!!!
Yes your honour i know she had just been hit by a car at motorway speed but she wouldn't stay still so i ASP'd her then took her legs and handcuffed her to the rear, just incase she may have punched me!
Landshark wrote: I have to admire the TO's as they did get stuck in and help as do most
Chocolate boy wrote:I didn't say I could do better and as you can see from the other thread, I wasn't the only one who commented on the Police actions.
Comments made with hindsight, it sounded, and still does, like you feel you would have done things differently, and therefore better, in your mind??

Its like me saying, if the TO had managed to hold onto them then it wouldn't have happened, but i know that there was no way he was going to stop them from getting on that carriageway.
Chocolate boy wrote:"oh the Police are wonderful, the wombles are useless so much so we don't even need to thank them in the end credits, hail the Police"
Landshark wrote: I think the programme was more about what happened after the M6 bit, so thats why they didn't interview the HA chaps, plus the original camera crew were filming motorway cops (or similar)
ps, they didn't thank the paramedics, the air ambulance or the ISU crews either!!!

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Re: Swedish Fruit cakes

Post by Chocolate boy » Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:22 pm

We didn't get thanked when the original show came out either.

We need to be like the good ol U S of A. Your going mad, your getting angry, your going down.

"So officer Dibble, she had been hit, she was now on her feet running around and rather than restrain her ala your training when dealing with an aggressive person, you thought you'd let her punch you and run into other traffic thus potentially being killed".

I'm only going on about this LS because we (as Wombles) get so much shite when it goes wrong and getting so much stick from the Police, for a change its nice to see it the other way.

For the record I think the TO did a sterling job of not running in the road after her since at one time we were told we wouldn't get traffic hats because if it got blown off we would probably run in the road to retrieve it. Thanks for the support and confidence in us HA.

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Re: Swedish Fruit cakes

Post by TM1 » Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:56 pm

There is a very important lesson to be learnt from this, not only for us HATO's but for the Police as well. We never know who we are dealing with when we approach any body on the road, whether they be pedestrians or connected with a motor vehicle, and I'm afraid we can never have all the training to deal with every situation we are likely to meet.
Just think to yourselves that could have been any of us and the way things are going we could be on our own in the near future (single, sorry variable crewing).
We all need to be aware of the possibilities of something like this happening again, and ensure that we are as safe as we can be.
You never know perhaps the HA might think about our safety at some time, and there again perhaps the HA will only think about our safety until something happens where a T/O gets injured. :(
But well done to the T/O's involved. :slcup:
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