use of NT forums

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use of NT forums

Post: # 73696Post falkor
Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:15 pm

Can everyone please remember that the forums are intended to provide a means of communication between members in a (preferably) calm and reasoned manner? Everybody does, of course, have their own opinions and beliefs - some of which are strongly rooted. However, wording these on the forum in a way which might be interpreted by some as pressing them upon others, should be avoided if our Forum is to flourish.

In the interests of unfettered exchange by all Users, we need to steer clear of any message which implies "I am right, you are wrong, and that's it". Opinions and beliefs are in general (and subject to NT's aims and objectives), to be respected and accepted - not attacked just because they do not fit in with what you believe. Further to this, personal attacks are inexcusable, not acceptable in any way and could even lead to the culprit being banned from the Forum.

It has been disappointing recently to see the discussion on the main Forum being monopolised by a small number of users, some of whose posts may, from an objective, outsider's perspective, have the unintentional effect of deterring other users from posting comments. One of the reasons we do not see many new users posting on the forums could simply be because they are concerned that they too will be 'flamed' because of something they might say, which does not accord with what appears to be a strongly, commonly held view.

We always want debate on our Forum, but we are also trying to stop arguments and possible feelings of exclusion - the two approaches can be reconciled! Everyone likes a lively debate, but let's cut out the nastiness please, and substitute politeness. Can everyone "lighten up" a bit, and be inclusive and less judgemental of others. Fostering mutual respect among all users and accommodation of their views should encourage new contributors onto the Forum and enhance diversity of exchange.

Thank you, and best wishes for future posting.