2013 knowledge base kicks off on Jan 1st 2013!

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2013 knowledge base kicks off on Jan 1st 2013!

Post: # 74411Post falkor
Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:17 pm

Your help is needed please, to start a new resource on this site! Can you spare 1 hour or 2 hours of your time, to do a 2013 knowledge "page"?

There are 2 distinct areas that form the knowledge base, 1. the "Knowledge Base Index" that lists all the Knowledge Pages and 2. then the pages themselves

An easy example of what we need is a 'BOOTS PAGE,' can you write it? Well what is needed? A few images of suggested boots would be good, but the words are the major thing, you can link to previous topics of course!

Would a RRB page be good? What about T.O powers? If you are willing to give the time to do it, then a "Knowledge Base" Page on your chosen subject would build a great resource on this site! There are potentially a long list of pages that could be created, FIRST AID, UNIONS, HISTORY, VEHICLES, SAFETY, MANNING, NVQ, you suggest something! But above all, PLEASE contribute and make this site a richer place to come to :slcup:

We have a solid month before 2013 comes around, please have a think, consider collaborating with another member, sketch out a plan for the page that you would like to do, maybe PM it to somebody else for their review before completion and then Submit it.

If you want to reply on this thread, stating your intention to create a KB page - this could encourage other members to help you do your page OR simply encourage them to write one on a different subject! :slhehe: LET'S DO IT!!