have you got a PC Headset with microphone? <Talkshoe>

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have you got a PC Headset with microphone? <Talkshoe>

Post by falkor » Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:29 pm

TalkShoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join, or listen to Live Interactive Discussions, Conversations, Podcasts and Audioblogs. These hosted Community Calls can be discussions, conversations, talk shows and podcasts. Recorded Community Calls can be listened to, downloaded, or subscribed to.

I am just getting into this because I just bought a Headset for my PC at a large Sainsbury for £20!! It has great headphones, a microphone and plugs into your PC via a USB - anybody got that equipment? Now has anyone tried out this "talkshoe" because it sounds like the next generation mChat to me

mChat is still great mind you, it doesn't require a headset for starters, I think we should try both, but if anyone has more tips on "talkshoe" please reply, for mChat info and comments please click here