can we go to Mars in ten years?

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can we go to Mars in ten years?

Post: # 75067Post falkor
Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:21 pm

video recorded 12 months back and lasts 15 minutes
It sounds like science fiction, but journalist Stephen Petranek considers it fact: within 20 years, humans will live on Mars. In this provocative talk, Petranek makes the case that humans will become a spacefaring species and describes in fascinating detail how we'll make Mars our next home. "Humans will survive no matter what happens on Earth," Petranek says. "We will never be the last of our kind."
Do you think that Humans will live on Mars within 20 years? Others are already saying Humans will arrive in 10 years time!

Whatever the truth, this 15 minute video is absolutely spell binding :slclap:

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Re: can we go to Mars in ten years?

Post: # 75100Post HoracioMid
Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:25 am

I doubt I'll be able to afford a ticket to mars. Just getting the bus and train to work every day costs a lot.

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