Video gallery Maintenance next Friday 22 July

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Video gallery Maintenance next Friday 22 July

Post: # 75082Post falkor
Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:30 pm

so here is our Video Gallery

the idea is that members can "upload" their YouTube videos to the Site Gallery

They are not really uploaded to this site of course, what happens is that our "Video Gallery" merely displays a Video already uploaded to YOUTUBE

A new version of the Gallery has now been released but before we can use it, all the old videos must be deleted.

They can all be selected again of course if that is what members want. Please pick a couple of your favourites for 22 July 9pm

That is when the New Video Gallery replaces the old one, it will be blank at 9pm so please select as many videos then as you want to, cheers!! :slhd: